HATSUYUKI HC-8E, Cube Ice Shaver

Hatsuyuki’s NSF approved and UL listed cube ice shaver. This machine has an adjustable blade to produce snow that is very light and fluffy. When the lid is open, the machine automatically shuts off for safe operation. No exposed blade or moving parts.

Shaves ice so as not to be crunchy, but fluffy, light and flavorful. Just like Mother Nature, herself. Operation stops automatically when the lid is opened. No exposed blades or moving parts. With ease of operation and the abundant availability of cube ice virtually everywhere, this machine is ideal for those businesses who have their own ice source. For those of you who are mobile and do events over the weekends, This machine is your #1 choice.


Polycrystalline Solar Chargers (240 WATT) By SHARP

Sharp is the #1 manufacturer of solar cells worldwide with nearly as much generating capacity as the next three largest manufacturers combined. Their solar systems give people the ability to generate their own electricity from the inexhaustible energy of the sun – with no harmful emissions. They’re cost-effective, quiet, attractive, safe, and reliable, with only minimal maintenance required over their long operational life. Sharp is the right choice for your business and the right choice for the environment. It’s no wonder why so many people are making the move to Sharp Solar!

Sharp’s solar modules offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design. They boast a high conversion efficiency – the percentage of sunlight that is converted into energy for your use – to maximize your savings.


Automatic RV Satellite TV Antenna

This system is totally automatic! Compatible with Dish 500®, the receiver will toggle between 110° and 119° with Global Positioning System technology (GPS). It automatically searches for the correct satellite while your vehicle is parked. Press Power on the wall-mounted control panel in your vehicle to search for the satellite — no numbers to enter!

The white lift assembly is strong and lightweight; dish support bracket is cast aluminum with aluminum feed arm; cast aluminum base; two motors — one for lift, the other for rotation; attractive base cover. AS-2003 gives you automatic signal location with the GPS system — easy, accurate and fast!


Cockpit Computer System with GPS By RAM Industries

This Laptop Stand System configuration provides a telescoping feature that ranges from 12 to 18 inches. Dual swing arms provide articulation and 12 inches of reach for passenger and driver access to the mounted device. Patented rubber ball and socket joint provides additional adjustment as well as shock and vibration isolation. The RAM Tough Tray™ is spring loaded to accommodate 10 to 16 inch wide laptops (17″ screens). The tray features four adjustable retaining arms with rubber grip feature. These arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally. This allows for a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and the freedom of not blocking ports or drives. A screen support and USB light are also available to accessorize the tray. Hole patterns on perimeter of tray facilitate the mounting of additional RAM systems to support GPS or other electronics.


The LidSaver™ single lid dispenser

Lid Dispensing That Virtually Eliminates Lid Waste!

The LIDSAVER™ single lid dispenser attracts customers to your litter – free and sanitary beverage stations and keeps them profitable by eliminating lid waste and reducing maintenance and restocking.

One of the most dramatic ways to find out if you are a candidate for single lid dispensing is to check the ratio of purchase of lids to cups. We know that not evry customer uses a lid. Therefore, if your ratio is one-to-one chances are the LidSaver™ can help you save. If your ratio is greater than one-to-one, the LidSaver™ can definitely help you save. Are your sales associates and clerks spending too much time away from the checkout/register restocking low volume lid dispensers at peak periods? Do you get customer complaints about cleanliness? The LidSaver™ can help.

There is no other lid dispenser available with the capability to dispense as broad a variety of lid types and sizes as the patented LidSaver™.