Why buy from us?

We consult with industry leaders during the design and building process to make sure we are constantly providing a superior product that offers worry free operation for years to come. Our innovative designs are our own and proprietary.  We use high quality materials in all of our construction. Our craftsmanship is unequaled. All of our approved truck boxes, counter tops, water tanks, stainless steel, and acrylic glass enclosures are built, in house, exclusively for our own unique designs. Every food service truck and trailer we build uses only NSF and UL approved components and is built to the most rigid health department requirements. OSCC is instrumental in guiding you through the plan review process from start to finish.

The one thing that is most important, is to request referrals. Any company that you are considering working with should gladly provide previous customers. (“Would you be able to provide me with a list of 3 or 4 previous customers that I could contact as a reference?” ) We would encourage you do this with anyone you work with. It will quickly become apparent to you, who is worth considering. OSCC has worked very hard at perfecting state of the art mobile operations.

Here are a couple more important points, to keep in mind while your researching any other company that might be out there building mobile solutions. As with any product, one of the problems with the recognition of being a leader in a particular field, there come’s many imitators. The Original Seattle Coffee Company, has been recognized as an industry leader in the building of mobile coffee & food truck concepts for many years. Check people out! Make them work for you! Itemize their prices! Our commitment to a quality product, customer satisfaction and service has given us an excellent reputation and set us apart in the industry.

The Original Seattle Coffee Company, is an approved up-fitter of all GM and Ford style chassis’, which allows better pricing to be passed on to you.