In January of 1990, The Original Seattle Coffee Company, was founded by Bruce A. Kosmala to provide a simple and convenient way of distributing specialty coffee, fruit smoothies and pastries to the work place and movie industry. Being the original designer and pioneer of the espresso truck & trailer concept, he has worked for the last 27 years perfecting this concept and surrounding himself with quality people who are able to share his vision.

One of the main strengths of OSCC is the team of people. By treating them with respect, trust, and allowing them to do what they do best, Bruce has been able to create an atmosphere that encourages innovation and creative thinking. All of the members of the team have a say in the design, and everyone is encouraged to share their ideas. With this philosophy, OSCC has become the leader in the field of coffee & food truck conversions.

The OSCC has had so much success as a designer and builder of mobile coffee, smoothie, food trucks & trailers, there’s a good chance you have seen or tasted a drink from one of our customized units in your area. Since building, setting up and selling various independent mobile concession operations throughout the country, OSCC has expanded our line of services to include the ability to custom design and build solutions for nearly any industry.

Bruce A. Kosmala - The Original Seattle Coffee Company
Bruce A. Kosmala - The Early Years